G. Carter & Son (Thornton) 2007 Ltd.
Brookside, Red Marsh Industrial Estate
Lancashire, FY5 4EZ

Capacity List

In addition to our extensive range of listed equipment we also have the facilities to provide the following:

Honing, Grinding, Welding facilities, Hydraulic Press, Cutting Saws, Pressure Testing, Sand blasting, In-house assembly, destructive and non-destructive testing.

We can also provide sub-contract facilities for heat treatment, stress relieving, balancing, anodising and various plating specifications.

Centre Lathes

Eight Machines with DRO

Up to Ø1000mm x 5000mm Long between Centres
Up to Ø1500mm x 500mm Long (In Gap)

C.N.C. Binns and Berry

Ø710mm x 3000mm

C.N.C. Gildemeister Lathe

Ø400mm x 2000mm

C.N.C. Broadbent Lathe

Ø1000mm x 5000mm between centres

CNC Gildemeister Boring Machine

450mm x 3000mm


Eight Machines fitted with DRO

Up to 6200mm x 1050mm x 1670mm

Boko WF3/12-K CNC

1800mm x 1200mm x 900mm

Boko WF2/10 with Heidenhein CNC 4 axis

1500mm x 1000mm x 720mm

Boko Hydro Miller CNC

550mm x 1000mm x 500mm

Boko F30 CNC 4 axis

1800mm x 1200mm x 1350mm

Butler Elgamill CNC

4300mm x 928mm x 1130mm

Butler Elgamill Manual

4300mm x 928mm x 1130mm

Butler Elgamill Hi-Power CNC

6200mm x 1050mm x 1670mm

Mitsubishi V700 CNC

650mm x 1250mm x 700mm

Deep Hole Drilling

Radial Drilling

Four Machines

Offset & Centre Holes

Minimum 6mm Diameter
Maximum 125mm Diameter

Maximum Depth – 7 Meters

Three Machines

Up to 2400mm x 90mm Diameter

Pillar Drilling - No. 3MT



Horizontal Borer

Five Machines with CNC Capacity

Up to 1600mm cubes
Max. Weight 5 tonnes

Vertical Borer

Two Machines fitted with DRO

Up to 3100mm x 1900mm Height



Three Machines

350mm Stroke

Inspection Equipment

In addition to our extensive range of micrometers and verniers we operate a range of advanced measuring and inspection equipment to ensure the accuracy and precision of our components.

Our facilities include Quantum 8ft (2400mm) Faro Arm 7 Axis and Tesa Micro-Height 600