G. Carter & Son (Thornton) 2007 Ltd.
Brookside, Red Marsh Industrial Estate
Lancashire, FY5 4EZ


We provide components and assemblies for a wide variety of industries, along side our widely recognised ISO 9001:2008 approval we are also an approved supplier for numerous leading manufacturing organisations.

Joy Mining Machinery Limited

An international mine refurbishment and installation company. We supply various mining components including Piston Rods, Thrust Bars, Leg raise ports, Hydraulic Cylinders and Gearboxes, all combining to provide roof supports for mines all over the world.

MAN Diesel

A world wide market leading manufacturer of marine and locomotive engines. We produce a wide variety of Flywheels, Covers, Brackets, Supports, Housing and Exhaust, Lubrication and water pipes.


An International Company specialising in the design, manufacture and assembly of metalising machinery for use in the food packaging industry. We manufacture various Source Plates, busbars, brackets and housing assemblies, all components used in Vacuum applications require the highest quality machining and working within strict tolerances to enable final assembly.

Group Rhodes

One of Europe’s largest Original Equipment Manufacturers in its field, supplying an extensive range of machinery for Metalforming, Material Handling, Clay Preparation, Concrete Working and Special Purpose applications. We machine various Platens, Press components, Keys, Tee Bars, Baffles, Plates, Valves and Bodies in an array of high grade materials.

BAE Systems Ltd

A world recognised leader in aircraft, security and defence technology, providing a full range of products for the air, land and naval forces. We provide components for use in the production of the M777A1 howitzer cannon, and also various components for use in military armaments.

Powder Systems Ltd

Designers and manufactures of high containment process systems for both Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industries. We manufacture a wide range of components including agitators, bayonet rings, mesh rings, filter plates and many other associated items.

Tenmat Limited

A multinational leading manufacturer of specialized, high performance, engineering materials and components. The diversified product range includes, wear parts and bearings, engineering ceramics, high temperature resistant materials, passive fire protection solutions and rotary vanes for pumps and compressors. We manufacture and refurbish the Moulds for use in such applications.